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By Jeff Corwin

ISBN-10: 1605293245

ISBN-13: 9781605293240

Well known tv host Jeff Corwin takes readers on a gripping trip around the globe to fulfill the animals threatened via extinction

It's no mystery that our planet is in quandary. Environmental threats resembling weather swap, toxins, habitat loss, and land degradation threaten the survival of hundreds of thousands of plant and animal species. In a hundred Heartbeats, Jeff Corwin presents an pressing portrait of the natural world teetering at the brink.

From the forests slipping away underneath the stealthy paws of the Florida panther, to the large panda's plight to climb ever better within the mountains of China, Corwin takes you on a world travel to witness firsthand the serious country of our flora and fauna. alongside the way in which, he stocks inspiring tales of battles being waged and gained through the conservationists at the entrance strains of safety.

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