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By Nicholas Ermochkine

ISBN-10: 1614701083

ISBN-13: 9781614701088

Synopsis: Vodka is having fun with unparalleled acceptance within the West today. specialized vodka bars are beginning all over the place Continental Europe and the U.S.. it's turning into more and more stylish to drink vodka neat. the head eating places in ny, Paris and London now not have misgivings approximately serving caliber iced vodka with high-quality connoisseur dishes. top class vodkas are usually discovered at the cabinets of retail wine shops reserved for cognac, euax-de-vie and whiskey. yet satirically, in Poland and to a lesser measure in Russia, vodka's reputation is waning because the center category become aware of wines and spirits imported from the West. what's occurring right here? This neat e-book explodes the myths surrounding vodka, unravels its background and describes its creation. the fashion and tradition of vodka ingesting are articulated in spellbinding style. this can be actually one for the line.

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Otherwise, crêpes flambées with vodka (especially with the aromatic vodkas) can be delicious. A more overtly Russian version would be sweet pancakes simply sprinkled with aromatic vodkas. Vodka removes the excess fat and makes the otherwise heavy pancakes much lighter and tastier. Holy Spirit: Vodka Rites and Revels 35 SERVING VODKA 1. Temperature Serving vodka at the right temperature is extremely important, but sadly ignored by many people who drink it inside and outside Eastern Europe. The predominant view, in the West, largely due to the influence of the mass culture, is, to paraphrase 007, that vodka should be drunk «frozen not chilled».

Wild mushrooms, dried or pickled, can be delicious as starters served with an iced rye or potato vodka. But, when served hot in stews, as stuffing for «pierogi» dumplings or to accompany meat dishes, vodka is not such a good choice. East European and Jewish pickles (and in particular the «gherkin») have been dealt with above in the Russian section. The Poles will certainly drink vodka to accompany typical cold buffet appetizers «zakaski». These dishes are more familiar in the West in the Russian version of the word «zakuski» and receive separate treatment elsewhere.

We have ourselves concluded that investigations seeking to trace the origins of the vodka formula relying on the etymology of the word on the whole will shed little light on the merits of the Russian and Polish contentions, and generally end in futile semantic exercises. Historians agree that the discovery of the distillation of alcohol (or rediscovery, since it may have been invented long before by Babylonians) should probably be attributed to the Arab scholars active in Spain in the ninth century AD, who had preserved in their schools the learning of the Ancients during the dark ages.

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