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If you've got family and kids, make a sign to hang on the door, like "Mommy is Meditating. Back in 8 minutes," • Sit on a comfortable straight-back chair:You don't need any special cushions or mats,The following Q&A section contains simple instructions on posture. • Set your timing device for 8 minutes. As already mentioned, for best results, use a kitchen timer, • Review the current week's meditation instructions. • Start the timer and gently close you reyes. The Q&As aren't here to test you or to see how far you've come.

If )OU meditate in the back of a taxi on the way to the air- port on Monday morning. and at home Wednesday night, you're not establishing a consistent, daily 54 8 MINUTE MEDITATION appointment with meditation, It's akin to brushing your teeth in a taxicab-something I've rarely seen---or done, Q: What About Meditation Posture? Don't You Have to Sit Cross-Legged on Some Weird Cushion? It's not the posture you sit in, but how you sit in the posture. We have all seen those pictures of robe-clad monks in Zen monasteries, sitting silently on low, round cushions (called zafus), their legs crossed in full lotus, the traditional sitting posture in this tradition.

Please follow it. Stick with the technique of the week for the full week before moving on-even if you don't like it. Each week is designed to lead to the next one, gradually bringing you deeper into meditation practice. 8 Minute Meditation was created as a kind of Whitman's Sampler of meditation techniques. You'll taste a new one each MEDITATION 101 57 week. After 8 weeks, you'll pick your favorite technique-and stay with that one. You'll see what I mean when you reach Part III. As far as saying that a meditation technique "isn't working," don't worry.

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