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B =y tan 8 x y x = slope = tan 8 ] or -=m or y=mx A Thus y = mx is the equation of straight line passing through the origin and having slope m. e. or or (ii) 2y = x 2y -x = 0 x -2y = 0 Find the equation of straight line passing through origin and having an inclination of (i) 45° (ii) 135°. e. or 2) -1 The equation of straight line will be, y =mx y = (-l)x y =-x x+y = 0 Slope-intercept From of Straight Line Let AB be a straight line which intersects y-axis at point M such that OM = c(y-intercept) Let P(x,y) be an arbitrary point on AB.

Example 22 Solution The Co-ordinatres of centroid of a ~ABC are (5,4) and that of two of its vertices are (1,2) and (9,7). Find the co-ordinates of third vertex. YI +Y2+Y3) 3' 3 = (1+9 +X3 ,2+7 + Y3 ) 3 3 =4 or 10+x 3 =5 and 9+Y2 or X3 = 5 and Y3 = 3 The co-ordintes of third vertex are (5,3) Find the co-ordinates of the center of the circle inscribed in a triangle having its angular points (4,-2), (-2,4) and (5,5) Let the given ~ be ABC having its angular points A(4,-2) = (X1'Yl)' A(x"y,) Example 23 Solution 3 3 B (-2, 4) = (x2, Y2)' and C(5,5) = (x3, Y3) say.

3) Now from the above sum subtract the products of pair of terms indicated by arrows in upwards direction. 4) Take the modulus of the value calculated in above two steps. 5) 6) Multiply the above calculated value by 1/2 The value calculated in step 5 will be the magnitude of area of Area of ~ ABC 1 = "2 I (X1Y2 + X2Y3 + X3Yl) = ~ABC. ( X2Y1 + X3Y2 + X1Y3) I 1 "2 I (X1Y2 -X2Yl) + (X 2Y3 - X3 Y2) + (X3YC XlY3) I Square units. /29/ Example 24 Solution Find the area of triangle whose vertices are (3,4); (7,2) and (-5,6).

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