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By Charles R. Swindoll

ISBN-10: 1496400437

ISBN-13: 9781496400437

When we rewind heritage again to Abraham's period, we stumble upon those that concocted fake superstitions to give an explanation for the unexplainable. robust kings claimed to be gods, development substantial pyramids to accomplish immortality. Out of this mass of misunderstandings, one guy emerged. the guy we all know this day as Abraham not just claimed that one actual author existed but in addition staked his whole existence in this trust. Why, millions of years later, are we nonetheless discussing the religion of this desolate tract nomad? considered one of America's most well liked Bible lecturers, Pastor Chuck Swindoll, solutions that question and lots of extra during this compelling and insightful biography that would encourage your individual religion.

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Second, as the sole Creator of the universe, He has both the authority and the ability to rule over all of creation, including people. His sovereignty is absolute. And, because He is morally perfect, He is the sole judge of what is right and what is wrong. Consequently, He alone has the qualification and the right to sit in judgment over each person. Third, God’s love for people is infinite. It is without boundaries. His love cannot be measured, because it has no end. He knows all about us, but He loves us still.

A study of their lives will help us learn how to disagree as mature Christians. A good biography helps us maintain a divine perspective on life. When we rub shoulders with a person in the Scriptures, we gain a much broader view of our circumstances. It’s easy for many of us to become worriers, to feel burdened by failure. Study the life of Peter, and you discover a man driven by his own emotions. Impulsive to a fault, he spoke without thinking and leaped without looking—habits that led him to deny his Lord on three separate occasions during the most difficult period of Jesus’ life on earth.

While He is just, He frequently offers mercy. He gives us more good things than we merit, and He shields us from many sorrows we deserve. The best word to describe His character, His values, and His methods is grace. Furthermore, His grace is unstoppable, even by our rebellious rejection of Him. With these essential facts in mind, let’s begin our examination of Abraham’s life in detail. As we follow the patriarch’s journey from pagan ignorance to biblical enlightenment, let me challenge you to put yourself in the sandals of this noteworthy nomad.

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