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By Constantin Banica, Octavian Stanasila

ISBN-10: 0471018090

ISBN-13: 9780471018094

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What is its total time of flight? 4. An object is travelling at 12 m s- 1 • It experiences a uniform acceleration and covers the next 36 m in 6 s. What is its final velocity and its acceleration? 5. 5 s. What acceleration is required to return it to rest in 9 s? 6. An object that had fallen from a height of 128 m was found to have penetrated the ground to a depth of 40 mm. Estimate its average deceleration. 7. An object accelerates from 10m s- 1 to 50 m s- 1 over a distance of 120 m. Calculate the acceleration and the time taken.

50, v = 0, s = 250, a = ? 2 An object at rest experiences a uniform acceleration of 5 m s- 2 for 6 s. It maintains constant velocity for 14 s and is then brought to rest in 5 s by a uniform retardation. How far has it travelled? , v = ? 1) v = 5 x 6 = 30 m s- 1 Constant velocity stage: u = v = 30, t = 14, a = 0, s = ? 3) s = 30 x 14 = 420 m Retardation stage: u = 30, v = 0, t = 5, s = ? 4) contain u. If u is one of two unknowns, its value must be calculated first by using the appropriate equation.

Clearly the 6 kg mass will fall and the 3 kg mass will rise with the same acceleration. 8T) _ _____:. ) 1. 0 N falls to the ground, what is the acceleration of the earth towards the apple? 4N 55 56 Foundation Science for Engineers 2. What is the acceleration of an 18 kg mass upon which a force of 27 N is being exerted? If it starts from rest, how long does it take to cover a distance of 50 m? 3. A mass of 8 kg is being pulled by a force of 34 N in the 3 o'clock direction and by a force of 18 N in the 9 o'clock direction.

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