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By Peter Ribbins

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Introduces quite a lot of views on modern management in schooling, and comprises distinct interviews with head lecturers. The interviews show the themes' personal studies in class, their purposes for taking on instructing, and the values.

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In fact you do all the work. The governors are completely happy about the decisions you make, but you have to go through the formal procedure of holding a meeting, calling all those people on sub-committees together to go through and explain in detail a decision that you would have just taken alone - I suppose it's accountability again isn't it? Have you faced any particular problems in your career because you are a woman? I always felt that in order to succeed I had to prove that I was better than my male colleagues, particularly as I was a married woman with children.

You try to be official about it, but because you care about people I find it's difficult when I have to reject somebody. When I see some of the parents and the way especially the girls have been dressed up to look like young ladies to attract the males, things like this upset me. What does upset me, and it is upset rather than difficult, is case conferences and child abuse and it's all those extra emotional things that I have no control over. I can't stop them happening. All I can do is perhaps help the situation in the care that we show for the children at school.

Agnes McMahon How do they manage people and resources? Hugh Busher How do they cope with stress and when things go wrong? What aspect of their role do they most/least like? Where do they find support? Viv Garrett Are they necessary? Are they democratic? Peter Ribbins Subsequently, for purposes of this book, the minor themes have been consolidated into the three main topics discussed in the final chapters. In producing these Janet Ouston in 'Pathways to headship and principalship', Viv Garrett in 'Principals and headteachers as leading professionals' and Hugh Busher in 'Principals and headteachers as chief executives' have drawn upon the twelve papers identified above and all the nine interviews now available as well as an examination of some of the relevant literature.

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